Don’t let the next thunderstorm or hurricane leave you without power for days.  Make sure you keep your family and also your home safe with a Honeywell Home Generator from Grayson AC.  The Honeywell Generators provide backup power for everyday life.  With a variety of sizes available, Honeywell Generators can power your entire home or business seamlessly. 

The Honeywell Generator works by delivering backup power to your home in the event of a power outage within seconds.  You will have peace of mind knowing that you are covered.  The generator will keep running as long as the power is out. 

One of the things that you want to consider when choosing your Honeywell Generator for your home is the type of fuel source you want it to run on.  The choice between natural gas and propane depends on the location of the home. Houses on a city grid will most likely use natural gas. However, those homes located outside the gas company’s service area will need to run off propane. If you are looking to save money storing propane on your property is a cost-efficient option.  Natural gas and propane generators also offer benefits over gasoline-run generators by being colorless, odorless, and non-toxic.  In addition, natural gas and propane do not go bad over time, are affordable, abundant, and also convenient. It adds value to your home and also safeguards the family during an emergency. 

Grayson AC offers a Generator Service Agreement for your Honeywell Generator to make sure that your generator lasts you a long time.  Servicing your generator twice a year ensures that the system will operate efficiently, last for years to come, and also be reliable when the need to use it arises. 

The benefits of owning a residential backup generator are numerous and include:

  • Delivers power quickly and automatically during a power outage.
  • Allows the homeowners to operate their homes, including their Home Comfort Systems, televisions, computers, and also other appliances.
  • Allows homeowners to maintain a level of comfort and also safety during an emergency.
  • Protects the home from dangerous surges in the power system.
  • It operates safely during man-made and also natural disasters. 
  • It acts as an insurance policy and also gives the homeowner peace of mind

Included in the first service of the year is:

  1. Checking the coolant and adjusting as necessary.
  2. Checking natural gas/LP delivery system, tightening fittings as needed.
  3. Changing the engine oil and filter.  Installing new full-synthetic oil.
  4. Inspecting battery posts, cables, and also the charger for corrosion, cleaning if necessary.
  5. Inspecting 12-volt battery fluid level and also adjusting as necessary.
  6. Checking engine drive belts for wear, cracking, or also other damage.
  7. Test running the engine and checking transfer safety devices.
  8. Running the engine for 5 minutes without transferring power.
  9. Returning the control switch to automatic or standby position for proper operation.
  10. Pulling weeds, trimming limbs and also bushes away from the generator.
  11. Cleaning debris from generator slab with a broom.
  12. Inspecting air inlets and also outlets for obstruction, and also clearing if needed.
  13. Recording run time displayed on the hour meter.
  14. Turning main power off and also letting generator crank and transfer.
  15. Checking output voltage with a multimeter.
  16. Leave generator switch in the auto position.
  17. Cleaning and also waxing generator.

The second service of the year will include the above plus:

  1. Replacing engine air filter.
  2. Replacing spark plugs.

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